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Thrissur is famous for its colorful 'Pooram festival' and ideally called land of poorams, it must not be an exaggeration to nick name it the "tharavaadu of kuries", the splendid and gigantic growth of chit business in this part of southern state for years together accounts for the trust in this business.

Investment in chits and the taking part on the chit auctions have become an integral part of the business community generally in Kerala and particularly in Thrissur. The promoters were instrumental in the growth of the company by way of sourcing business. This company with its wide range of contacts ranks top among various business communities as well as in public. Citizens are able to get all its chits fully subscribed. Chit subscribers are enrolled based on company's collective resolution as well as reference from directors or shareholders of the company.

While we are striving to develop customized solutions to individual problems, we adhere to deeply rooted values of professionalism, financial prudence, customer satisfaction and the enduring relationship.

These ideals have shaped our business strategy, and the professional conduct of the past will continue to do so in the coming century also.

"There are conditions when businessmen lack funds even after providing sufficient securities Here Vyaparavijayam steps in with a motive to extend financial support and takes the pass to success".


Financial profile of Vyaparavijayam group


Group Profile 

Reg No/ Year   Main Business 

Status with RBI

Vyaparavijayam Chitties & Loans

09/3772/1983  kuri/chit MNBC
Vyaparavijayam Trades & Agencies 09/4674/1987  Hire purchase/Gold Loan


Vyaparavijayam Hire Purchase

09/5692/1990 Hire purchase NBFC
Varthakakshemam 09/7090/1993 kuri/chit


Capital Structure Authorised Capital Paid up capital
Vyaparavijayam Chitties & Loans 1,00,00,000


Vyaparavijayam Trades &



Vyaparavijayam Hire Purchase







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