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Chitties PVT. LTD


Vyaparavijayam Chitties pvt. Ltd. the flagship company of the group was incorporated on 20th August, 1983, under the Company’s act 1956. The certificate of incorporation shows the number 09-3772 of 1983.

The company has been promoted by a group of experienced , efficient and prominent personalities based in Thrissur and Palakkad most of whom had/have active association with the prestigious chamber of commerce and therefore well versed in all fields of business activities including ‘fund management’.

 The company’s objective is to conduct kuries/chitties namely transactions entered into by the company with a number of persons that, everyone of the contributing parties shall, subscribe a certain amount of money by periodical installments, for certain definite period and that each, in his/her turn as determined by lot or by auction or both shall be entitled to the price amount payable as may be provided for in the agreement.

In pursuit of above objective company had started various types of chits, monthly kuries, quarterly kuries and pooval kuries (once in 4 months). The company will strive to build long term relationship built on integrity, security and trust. The plan is to fully exploit the growth potential available in chit business of vehicle finance with a planned growth rate to accomplish these strategic goals.

We intend to grow eager not for the sake of size but rather to add people and service, to add value to our clients. We regard our clients and the relationship with them as well as our people as the most valuable assets we have.


Ph: (091) 0487 - 2423776, 2425523


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